Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lamentations of Judas

I loved you

though silver and gold caressed
my senses, eve of blood casting
forth a sweet lust for night.

I loved you

though avaricious pride scorched
my loyalty, my adoration, all the 
while screeching for humiliation.

I loved you

though I willingly gave you to the
butchers, satisfying their demons and
my own, innocence within corruption.

I loved you

though I led them to you within the
shadows, and kissed your cheek, a
promise of deceitful love and praise.

I loved you.

I know I loved you

because of the damnation I cursed myself to,
of the cries distorting my grandeur as I
saw your body, lifeless and slain, gazing at 
me with emotionless eyes, gothic sighs 
escaping your frozen heart.

Even now, I still love you
as I count the seconds
while hanging from the noose.

Robin Goodfellow,
Denton, USA.

Robin Goodfellow has had poems published in the online magazine Nature Writing, as well as the Healing Poetry and the Haiku Journal. She enjoys listening to Owl City and rewriting classic fairytales.

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