Sunday, 3 January 2010

That's How I Feel..

Closing my eyes into your face,
apparently walking, but trying to trace,
your footsteps to see if, just in case,
they lead to my heart.

The longing in my heart never seems to fade,
have been thinking nothing of late,
save you...I feel fascinated by the wait,
that your eyes bring with you.

Your words ring in my ears,
In those long hours with newfound tears,
Thinking of the long gone years...
How did I survive without you?

Your mere shadow gives me company,
Your mere laugh is a symphony,
You make my foggy day sunny,
Isn't all this enough?

That you then enter my dreams,
Spark across my skies like a multicolour beam,
Pull my fantasies upto extremes,
And still saviour enough for my day,
Making me feel all-supreme.

I'm not alone, just lonely,
I'm not mute, just silent,
I'm not a statue, just still,
And I'm not in love, just obssessed.

Drishti Sharan

Friday, 1 January 2010

Wake up and farewell

Another sunny afternoon, near summer.
I woke up.

Do one last recall, and this is the real farewell.
Last summer, those unbridled loud cries and laughs --
Floated away!
Quietly flowed through my body, as swept by a gust of tornado, ran towards the opposite direction and disappeared in waves.

Glossy leg fell asleep.
It will no longer wake up. I knew.
You hold my face under the moonlight. When tears become pearls, my reborn life is announced.

So screw those miniskirts!
Even wearing black nail polish, I have miraculously regained virginity.

Let me use the gentlest voice to talk to you.
If there is no tenderness, how can we survive?
You must take me with you.
I'll grow between your fingers.
When they clench, I obediently fall asleep.
When they open, I show the most coquettish erotic dance to you only.

And then, I will sit among crowds and listen to the stories of countless others.
I listen to stories.
I write stories.
I tell the stories to lots of irrelevant others.
It also gives me joy.

Apart from you, this is the second thing I feel happy for.
And this will do. I am very satisfied.

Another sunny afternoon, near summer. I woke up.

The soul in the flame died along with the evil body.
The reborn life stands in the ocean, with so much excitement.
Darling, let me show the most coquettish erotic dance to you only.

Xi Nan
Hometown: China
Country of Residence: UK