Thursday, 4 May 2017


It's the feeling of a look
that lasts too long,
the sensation of realizing
the kiss will stick around,
the walk should not have
been taken.
Of reading the words aloud
knowing they came out 
wrong, of a tearful ride
down the highway you can't
forget, feeling a painful
change in the atmosphere.
Knowing reconciliation must
be made, but refusing for
years to make it.

Camille Clark 
Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, 1 May 2017


done with the ugly
ways treated
to let you go

I remember
dim flickers
now imagining
the ways
your face contorted

manipulator be gone
from not
only my presence
but inside me
as well

this is the moment
where I shake dirt
free from my shoes

all the dirt
of worry, politics,

saying goodbye
to the polite
way life used
to be so I can
now live.

Tempest Brew,
Indianapolis, IL 
United States