Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Garden of Thieves

A blissful story written upon pages,
where I carved your name in remorse.
I dreamt you singing in silver cages,
while resting my blame upon the chords.

Told me the poetry you wrote before
the lyrics still unhurried upon your lips,
while ashes and cries you sorrowfully mourn
your brief, nostalgic, evanescent kiss. 

Dancing along the edges of forever,
you sang a melody of what once was.
As the doves and ravens all cry, “Never”,
I know you’ll bury your innocent lust.

For life, for love, for whom I could tell.
I watch the greetings and the silent goodbyes. 
And shadows, the weeping, while the bell knells. 
You disappear gracefully, along the edges of twilight. 

Robin Goodfellow,
Denton, US.

Robin Goodfellow has had poems published in the online magazine Nature Writing, as well as the Healing Poetry and the Haiku Journal. She enjoys listening to Owl City and rewriting classic fairytales

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