Friday, 9 September 2011

Darque Doll

Cradling her wounds she thought back
Pressed to the ground
He had stolen her perfection
Once bright white porcelain and pure
She was now broken and scarred
She did the only thing she could think to do
Though soaked in her own blood
She threaded her needle with her yarn
And stitched herself back together.

Crystal Lane Swift (PhD, Rhetoric and Public Address, LSU, 2008) is a communication Professor at Mt. San Antonio College and California State University, Northridge. Her poetry has appeared in anthologies, Speaker & Gavel, on, and at the Poet’s Perch. She enjoys painting, writing, singing, acting, modeling, and producing all kinds of art. She has published an academic book, This House Would Ethically Engage (2008), over 15 academic articles (2005-2011), and a book of poetry, God Bless Paul (2008). She has produced three films: Sculpting the Rhetorician (2005), Debating Christianity from Below (2005), and It’s Never About a Boy (2011), as well as an album, On Going Battle (2011). She lives in Hollywood, CA with her best friend, Elba Soto-Quinones. (

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