Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Just as the sun descends into
A drop of water
Creating a canvass of hues
The 7 columns of mist-spray
Embrace it with open arms
Painting a world of colours into
Its little body

I too possess a sun
And when I embrace it
A spectrum of rainbow-flowers grow from within me
All it takes is a slight change of direction
And again I become
A simple droplet of water
Blank and colourless.

Rehan Qayoom


Thinking said...

hmm....very touching...indeed...

I think Qayoom Sahib...we all posses that SUN within us...

Only...few of us find it on proper time to kiss it...you know...there is always a proper and definite time to KISS...to wake up someone from long sleep...

Nice post....keep sharing.

Chronically Claire said...

This sparks such beautiful visual images in my mind. As always Rehan Qayoom creates a handful of wonderful images to admire & emotions for us to share in.