Monday, 29 September 2008

Encounter with the Possible World

Where you can be sitting on a shelf
Half dusty, fully forgotten
When you can have an encounter
With the possible world that you will never forget
And fall hard into the mud one day
Cause your shelf gave out a little after the flood had finally surrendered
Like a curio, your life is an object onto its Self
Like a souvenir from a place
That normally would have been forgotten . That’s how it’s supposed to be…
Except the Possible World will one day arrive
Like a loud accusing angel, just, say, call him Ike.
Ike the invisible equalizer.
Ike the wasteful hunter.
Ike the destroyer of the objects that hold the memories that hold our lives.

Now voyager -
Exchanging one dream for another…
That is what an encounter with the possible world can do.
Even if you are half-dusty


(and some God some where works, furiously focused on just today.
I guess like a real God would.
Forgetting the past, forgiving the future
Ready to hear the case of the next accusing angel)

Tony Wynn
Galveston Island, USA
From the collection - 'Hurricane Writings'

Sunday, 28 September 2008


Lifeless flesh clinging for its life,
Anticipating breath, before it formed a mind
The yearning to have vision, before it formed its eyes.
An immaculate decision, with wisdom from up high.

Buoyant pre-existence, amphibious with persistence
Comfortably claustrophobic, and growing by the inches
Searching for the answers in its maternal prison
Why had I been chosen, or isn’t it my business?

A council of the Angels arrive at their position
Asking all the questions as they sit and watch and listen.
Once the scroll is rolled up the writing can begin
A life that’s full of questions, the answers lay within.

Jason DeAngelis
Caroline Springs,
Victoria, Australia

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Not long now!

Just a few more weeks and AHM and I will be leaving for Sydney, Australia. Ancient Heart Magazine will be an Australian poetry magazine, which in itself I quite like. In due course I shall be applying for an Aussie ISSN but the blog/mag needs to get going a bit more first.

I've started spreading the word about AHM's new incarnation a bit more so hopefully we'll see a few more submissions. Counting down..