Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vulnerable Girls

I’d let boys blow
My innocence and stability away
Only to wish
That other, prettier girls were the same
Time would go by
My seeds slowly did too
Blowing in the wind
Of pheromones, testosterone, and sin

Then the storm hit 
Ripping my seeds into it’s grasp
Almost engulfing me from my roots
Asphyxiated under the profound grasp
All that remains
Is a few seeds
My dainty stalk
Sustained from the root
Where it begins, the pain

Sydney West, 
Harbert, Michigan, 
United States 

Friday, 1 February 2013


Rain pounds pebble-dashed walls
Rebounds and reverberates
against panes of glass.
A million tiny droplets, crashing, splashing,
Cold, hard concrete. No grip.
The water, frozen soft. 
Fine icy pulp covers the concrete floor,
black, almost greasy, 
Back wheels, black tires
Scrape and push and
spin and spin
Going no where.

Aimee Miller
Liverpool, England